German Job seeker visa holder got job in Netherlands

Dear All, Friend of mine how is currently in Germany on Job seeker visa got a job in Netherlands. What is the procedure he need to follow and does German authorities allow to work in Netherlands. Thanks Bharath

Netherlands is a separate country from Germany, so the German authorities have no say there (and a German visa does not help).
Your friend should approach the Dutch authorities and apply for a work permit and visa.
For questions on how to do that and what the requirements are, pleas ask him to post on the Netherlands forum.

Hi Jai. This is off topic. I need some help from you. I applied for job seeker visa 3 months ago. Unfortunately, my Visa got disapproved stating that I can't financially sustain the stay in Germany. Could you please ask your friend about how much fund is actually required and get me cover letter? I can provide my email and contact.

If they didn't reject your cover letter, why would you want to change it?
They are good at spotting copied letters - and they already have your first one and will certainly compare it with your second, so it shouldn't differ too much.
You probably need a minimum of EUR4000-5000 (plus acommodation, health insurance and travel) to survive the 6 months JSV period in Germany. More will allow you some luxuries and entertainment.

Hi. I have no idea why they​ reject my cover letter. I just want to compare with someone's cover letter and I could know what went wrong.

I shown the proofs of fund for JSV about 5000 Euro. But still they did not approve the visa also they mentioned that I cannot sustain the stay at Germany during JSV period.

So were you rejected for the cover letter or the finances, or both?


I've received jsv on 20/11/17, within 10 days of my application.  You would be surprised if I say the fund I've shown, it was not more than EUR3,000.  There are few things you must do while applying.  A very strong motivation letter, research on the vacancies available in Germany for your profile, the correspondence with prospective employers (if any), interviews attended (skype).

Rahultr above shows that it is easy to get a JSV if you know what you want and have done sufficient reasearch and homework.
But, in my experience, clueless individuals of the "What kind of job can I get and how much will I save? Also, can you send me your motivation letter, so I know why I am doing this?" type will fail.

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