Woodworking/furniture making

Hi again all,

Perhaps a bit left of field but was wondering, if at all, there was a place to do some woodworking?

I build furniture in my garage here at home just for fun and obviously housing situations are different from my little town than Hanoi but maybe some kind of communal space or shed for hire?

No biggy if not - I can find a new hobby :)
Could be a good excuse to branch out anyway.

Cheers all,

Hi Paul,

Once you're in Hanoi, you'll have a better chance to get introduced to local woodworkers and if possible can rent their sheds too.

There are a couple of Carpentry Villages on the outskirts of Hanoi, in neighboring districts/communes. You may wish to visit those villages someday.
Get their names from the links below.

- Chang Son Carpentry Village
- Hanoi's Ang Phao carpentry village brings high economic effectiveness

Find these two groups ... "Hanoi Massive - a new era" and "Wheretoget Hanoi" ... on Facebook. You can get some good leads there.


Thanks again mate!

Much appreciated.

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