Visas Confusing

Hi everyone. Im here in Malaysia living with my Malay friend. I would like to get a Visa to work here but I have no idea which I can apply for as there seems to be so many. Im 35 f from Australia.

I was told by one man here that because Im Australian i can only apply for a Professional Visa which he can do for me for 18,000rm and will last 2 years. This seems very shifty. Dont trust him for a minute. I have tried to read up on visas for several weeks and im just confused.

Which visas can i apply for and how to go about it? I want to seek employment. I am a qualified teachers assistant. Do i simply apply for jobs online in hopes they accept and then issue me a visa? Do i have to leave the country to do this because i had a hell of a time getting through immigration in the first place as i spent 4 months here this year already.

Any advice is very welcome. Thanks

According to Gravitas only Employer can apply a Employment pass... Don't deal with anyone that involves money.. Check other forum in this page it can help you..

Getting a fake visa in your passport will lead to endless problems with immigration. Get a job and a legitimate work permit.

Ok so this guy is prob doing false visas.....hmmmm glad i didnt waste my time and money and take his offer. Thanks for that. So i apply for a job and if they are interested then they apply on my behalf?

Yes apply for a job and see which company can sponsor your visa..but before it gets approved you still have to exit the country. Try international schools..they usually looking for expatriates

Oh thanks very much

Hi. I am planning to move to Malaysia in the fall from US.  I am 62. Very experienced in my field but not sure if  that makes a dif. I realize my options for a long term visa are limited. I cannot afford the MMh2, Im not sure about getting work there, I could apply for PhD and get a student visa?? Any other options?? Any input is appreciated.

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