moving to Riyadh ( family with 9 months kid)

Hello All,

I got a job opportunity in Riyadh and thinking about the next step. However we couldn't decide it yet.. I
am 'supposed' to work in hotel construction projects.

We do have some concerns. appreciate if you can share with us your experiences.

*Compound Life: I have checked some websites and several topics read, is this really true that in 'western compound' obligations are slightly easier? what I mean is ; no need cover for women and society gatherings much lively.  Also, there are really queues to find a good housing? 

*Get out from the country; I am confused about this fact. Passport holding by the sponsor??  Plus, to leave the country, I am required leave out visa? what's the real facts and procedure about it?  I have lived and visit many places and this is a real shock. If something happens at home and you need to fly immediately or you just fed up or want to have a short weekend  vacation and take a flight? not possible??

Wife and kids ; : when I am at work, how my wife will go out for shopping or hospital? I read that the man should be always with them or whats the reality?  If we live in western compound, she is still obliged to cover? Also, uber / taxi can take her alone anywhere?  or she can drive?

Salary & Spending ;  whats the real cost of living in Riyadh? (rental a 4 wheel, housing- a 2/3 bedroom villa , maid, insurance and cost of living )

thanks in advance for your replies :)

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