from Switzerland to Philippines

Hi There

My name is Kevin and I'm planning of moving to the Philippines preferably to Cebu.
My Background:
I'm employed 100% for a bigger international freight forwarding company as Project Coordinator East Africa.
I'm studying to receive an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration, there for I attend twice a week in the evening and every Saturday morning classes at the university.
I already have experience working abroad, I made once my internship for another international freight forwarding company in Shanghai, China and spend more than a year in the US to improve my English.

Why do I prefer Cebu?
It's simple, because most of my relatives and friends are living there. Yes, my mother is Filipina and my Father is Swiss.

Based on that I made all other educations etc. in Switzerland.

I have not really an idea what Salary I could expect in the Phlippines, like in Cebu with my background and based on what I am going to receive (Diploma).

Yes I also have a Philippine Passport..
I know chances are low to receive not the same salary as in Switzerland.. I just hope it is not a way big difference as in Switzerland. hehe

But yeah, can anyone give me an idea what could I ask without utopian imaginations about the salary?

I'm actually open to any kind of field, this is why I'm taking the challenge of my new studies to be able working for another branch not only freight forwarding. This Education covers a lot, like marketing, HR, logistics etc.

Thanks for the input!

Jobs are few and far between and offered to Filipinos first.

Hello vaevictis88,

Welcome on board and thank you for your introduction.

Next time, think to posting your message in the Cebu section, and not Manila :)

I invite you to consulting the section Living in the Philippines guide

Before I living in switzerland, now I'm in Cebu with my pinay wife.
We manage a little business.

I'm looking forward to reading you  :cheers:

Best regard,

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Sorry, I haven't seen that. hehe, yeah I will pay more attention to it.

Ok, hopefully I will be able to settle myself also down in Cebu. Hopefully it will also be an advantage having both passport - swiss and filippino.

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