Good morning! Can somebody help me with my problem now. My application for fiance visa here in Norway is still on process we applied last Sept. 12. My problem is i want to go to the doctor for my health. Is the 8000 kroner covered medical insurance? Can somebody give me an idea what am i going to do? Thank you ad God bless us all.

What is the 8000kr you meant?  Do you mean the application fee you paid to apply for Fiance visa?  That is just an application fee and not a fee to pay for social welfare benefits.

You need to wait for your visa to approve and apply for a D-number.  With the D-number, then you might be able to go and see a GP.

anyway, even if you don't have anything, you can still go and see a GP but you will have to pay private fee rate.

Seeing doctor is not free.  There is a co-payment system.  Only if you exceed the annual amount, then your visits and medical prescription is free.  There are also some requirements, eg. maternity visit to doctor is free etc.

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