meeting single friends

been in a relationship here  for 18 months that has just finished  - Looking to move on  - Any ideas for a good place to meet new friends in  D1, or D2


Am hoping to meet a female companion in Saigon  Am mid 50's and have been dumped after 18 months  Wont be the first or last to experience this from a late 20's lady  :|

Hey Bradders, welcome to the forum.

Don’t worry about it mate.   Blokes in the mid/late 50s getting reemed and flicked to the kerb by young girls in their 20s is the norm here.  Just try not to make a habit of it.

If you went back to the UK and tried to pick up some 20 year old “arm candy”  how do you think you’d go.   Same Same but no different.

Just a tip.   If you want something to last,  the odds are better if their closer to your age . 

Good luck.

Cheers Yogi. Sound advice. And yes - you guessed right she was mid 20's

so take 2 of them  .. sorry!

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