weekend golf

Looking to join any fellow brits that play golf at weekend. Am 21/22 handicap 
Any ideas how to connect with people who might be interested in having a place every now and then

Do they all have to be Brits?

No. Not at all. be good to hook up with anyone that plays golf regularly

I live in DL but play all over VN. At times I have problems find someone to play with at a course that requires two to play. Like twin doves. We are going to play there early in the 23. I played Vietnam
Golf and Country Club last week. Give me a shout

Would be great to play . Problem is I am restricted to Saturday and Sunday  Let me know when you happy to play course in or around Saigon at a weekend and will hook up

K. There is a group of brits that have a club down there that plays. If you want there contact info let me know. I imagine I can post it on the forum as it is just a group organization.

that would be greatly appreciated if you have any contact details

Hi interested to play I am 7 hdc and still playing Championship with my club in France but would be interested to play in HCM. Game for fun or competition during weekend if open to non members. Interested to become member in future but would play different courses for the moment. Do you know if Vietnamese golf courses have teams or similar to play competitions?

I know the British club organizes competition. I say Brits they vet well could be Ausies. They told me, but the gearszslip sometimes in the old mind. I will be playing at Twin Divesin the morning of the 23 if your interested.

Hi Diazo,
I am in france at the moment, going back to HCM on the 18/11.
Not sure about the 23rd yet as I have to move for our new project, I will keep you posted beginning of next week. Thierry

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