Online Dutch Lessons

Hi everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone here has any experience with online Dutch classes, or lessons that I can buy?

I want to take the time I have before moving to the Netherlands, to try and learn as much Dutch as I can. Or at least be familiar with the language.
I was reading up on the Michel Thomas method earlier today...has anyone ever used it, or know if it works?

p.s. not sure which category this post should go under, so if I chose the wrong one, please let me know :)

I've heard that a lot of people use Babbel (just Google it and you'll get a link).

I can't recommend it as I've never used online language training; kind of got my own personal tutor, who constantly reminds me just how crap my Dutch is. :)

Haha the funny thing is my boyfriend speaks fluent Dutch (he has lived in the Netherlands since he was a kid), but there’s no way we could stay serious long enough for me to learn anything :)

I actually downloaded the Babbel app yesterday so I will check it out for sure! I wasn’t sure if it was a good way of learning, but if other people have success with it then I’ll use it! Thank you!


I took my exam based on few online classes, more details in post below

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