Busiest Place in Alicante, Spain

Hi everyone I am moving to Alicante, Spain and would like to find out a little about where the busiest area(s) are. 

I am an Apple authorized technician and would like to open up a cellphone repair shop.  I just need to know what is the busiest area in Alicante. It can also be inside a shopping mall if there is one.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

There are two or three shopping centres in Alicante but, simply from personal observation. I would say that the area around Corte Inglés (and there are two - one at each end of Maisonnave) would be as busy as anywhere for shoppers. There are lots and lots of busy streets around that area and I'm sure that premises would be more available as businesses come and go. If you look on Google maps you will see a plethora of well known retailers around Maisonnave, Avenida de la Estación, Dr Gadea etc.

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