Entering back into Italy from UK on expired residence permit

Hello everyone,

I actually have two questions if someone has some prior experience.

I am in UK on a research exchange with family and our residence permits would be expired (on 31 Dec, 2017) until we travel back to italy in February, 2018. I was thinking if i go back now before the expiry and apply for the renewal at post office,I was wondering if we can enter back into Italy on expired residence permit and those postal receipts? Secondly, we are expecting a baby in coming Jan, 2018 and planning to travel back to italy after the delivery. What documents would be enough for the newly born baby to travel with us? I have already contacted with Italian consulate in Edinburgh and they said that they can not issue a visa because we are here on a temporary C category visa and do not have UK resident permits.  If this is the situation, how can a newly born baby be entered into italy with his parents if the couple is traveling from a third country (neither home country nor italy where we are resident).

Thanks a lot for anticipation.

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