Driving license

Hi everyone  how are u all doing... Well I have a question regarding  driving going license  in Kuwait. I have u.a.e driving license can I use that in Kuwait if no then can I get it changed to Kuwait if yes so how n from. Where  n if ni then what is the procedure to get a driving license in Kuwait. Kindly give me a clear and direct answer to all the queries.

Hey Sairaa,

If you have a valid UAE driving license, You can simply go to the license issuing department in Kuwait and swap your UAE licence with Kuwait license. Please note once Kuwait license is issued your UAE license shall not be returned.

Below link shall explain you in detail the procedure and documents required.


Thanks for the info🙏🏻Really helpful

Thanks for reply can I ask one more question  sir if u get kuwaiti license  in exchange to u. A. E... Later of I move back to u. A. E there can I get u. A. E license  in exchange to this kuwaiti license???

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