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I would move with my husband, who's got a joboffe.

Is there anywhere I can work in Medellin making good use of the dutch language?

Probably not.  But you might be able to teach Dutch, there are some links you can find if you do a search for "holandes medellin".  Of course what small chances there are would be enhanced the more fluent you are in Spanish.

You can also try contacting the Consulate of Netherlands in Medellín and asking them.  Here are several websites: … s-holanda/

Memesaul, I wish you luck but my guess is prob not. Unemployment is already an issue and especially now with so many Venezuelans trying to find a job here. Of course Aruba's not far.

Thank you.

Better off trying to compete with the multitude of English teachers making less than $800 US amonth.

You have to have a tefl certificate and be a native speaker to get ur visa that least thats been the experience a couple friends of mine had in Rionegro. And they only hire after the school vacations in january and july. And regardless of what people write in IL etc its not easy to live on 800 usd here.



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