Cost advices in Dubai

Hi all,
after long moving all along Middle East I am gonna to settle myself in Dubai.
I am dealing with a job offer, good Company, good sector, and basically my field and I'd like to know if the offer is good enough compared to Dubai; I was there hundreds of times in the last years but always as a foreigner professional and I never thought about it.
I am married but I will move alone in the first months.
The package is:

- 17.000 AED/month
- Company car, inclusive of fuel and tolls
- New fully furnished two bedroom apartment and its expenses
- Mobile and its expenses
- Full medical insurance for me and wife
- 1 yearly flight to/from Italy for me and wife
- annual month leave period

In your opinion, is it a good offer?
Thanks in advance


Halo, at begining its enough.  after sometime ( gatherings, brunchs and daily events ) you will feel that your wife should work or you should earn more.

if you are coming for couple of years and move forward, its a good start up.

A family of 2 living and saving min is 35K income. for housing u are supposed to pay monthly 10 to live in a proper house of 2 bedroom, so its covered at your condition. 17 will be good to start to live and enjoy here :)

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