Help with Self-Typed Document Attestation in Milan

Hi Everyone,

I currently have a car in Dubai on my name, but want to sell it and need to give power of attorney to my friend so that he can sell the car on my behalf. The problem is, the UAE authorities in Dubai require a power of attorney letter attested by the UAE embassy in Milan before they can accept it.

I spoke to the UAE embassy in Milan, and they first require the letter to be attested by 'Procura di repubblica' in Milan (note, it is not a certificate/official document but just a typed and signed letter by me).
The customer support person in UAE embassy also said that for the attestation by Procura di repubblica, they will require me to get the letter notarized by a lawyer first.

I gave a call to the Procura di repubblica in MIlan, but no one speaks English on the phone and cannot provide me with further information.

I do not speak much of Italian and have only been living here for a month now. Can anyone help me with their past experiences/suggestions on how to get this attestation done?


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