Now in SA!!! , Le Parkour & Freerun

Hi all,

It has been so long time since my last Le Parkour & freerun
training in UK , i'm interesting to make group training at Khobar
or Dammam area, . It doesn't matter if you are totally beginner , I
will take care of your trainings . If anyone is interested, please let me know!


* If you don't know Parkour, take a look at this video

Hello Karlos,

You can post your message on the Khobar Classifieds page as well, Category>Community>Sports.

Can you also avoid copy-paste this message on different forum please.


Hello Yud,

Sorry for the copy-paste thing. but i tried to delet one of the posts but i didnt find how it will be deleted.. If you could help i will be so thankfull

Thank you..

Hello mate,

Are you still around?
I am interested in learning Parkur.
Let me know ...



Let me know if the training is done in Khobar.  M interested.

sounds good im in khobar

Hey Guys... I m interested in learning parkour.. Let me know if its happening around here..

iam in also

Can I just say that I am the most excited person right now in the entire Kingdom!

So, I am a beginner and I fear of breaking a bone as that would be devastating to me, but I would really like to be a "ninja". Is there some kind of a gathering weekly and where is it done?

My boys will be so excited about this when we get there in November!

So when are we starting exactly? :-)

I am interested too, but i can't seemed to view the video?
Kindly advise? Thanks much!


I know am late  but am really interested in parkour.  If u r  contact me

Hi I am interested

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Count one great parkour beginner here ;p

can i join ur parkour team i am a total beginner

Can I join the parkour classes?

@ Amr------The last thread here was on Oct 2015, if you are looking for specific information, try creating a new thread.

My son is very interested in parkour he also does self training from youtube he would love to join your classes
Contact me on my number

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