jobs for english speakers in Rio??

To be absolutely honest, without speaking Portuguese on at least a basic conversational level you're going to even be lucky to find work as an English teacher at schools that will pay you a near-slave wage. Without speaking the language you'll be completely unable to communicate with your superiors and co-workers. In day-to-day life you'd be completely isolated here not being able to speak to neighbors, shop keepers.

You can't work on a tourist visa, you can't get a work visa unless you first have a work contract confirmed by a Brazilian company and Brazilian companies are required to prove to the Ministry of Labor and Employment that they've exhausted every effort of placing a qualified Brazilian in a vacancy before they hire a foreign national to fill it. The cards are stacked against us foreigners right from the get-go.

Please read the following two topic threads on language, the first one written by me and the second by a woman in Costa Rica who by her own personal experience highlights how important learning the local language really is.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

James is 100% correct in his assessment. Without Portuguese you might as well stay in London and take some online classes concerning the language. Also, architects in Brazil are very restricted in signing off on any final documents for your career aspirations may be limited as well.

Hello, everyone!

I've just seen this post, hope to find some people who are interesting in learning/improving English. Please, write :)

hlo everyone..............
im looking for a job forward in brazil .
as a dancer or english as im too prefect in this
is there any chance for me as im too crazy about it .
and would love to have any job of these too.
if you want i can teach hindi too very well.
                         thank you
           reply soon  :cheers:

Sorry to burst your bubble jyotibhardwaj, but finding a job in Brazil is extremely difficult for foreigners since Brazilian laws require that employers prove that they've exhausted all efforts to place qualified Brazilians in job vacancies before they can hire foreign nationals to fill them. Generally speaking only very skilled workers or those graduated in some profession succeed in finding jobs.

As if that isn't bad enough, Brazil makes it much more difficult for citizens of India and Pakistan to obtain any category of visa, including a VITUR Tourist Visa, imposing many more requirements on them than for citizens of most other countries. It's not fair I know, but unfortunately it is completely legal.

In order to qualify for a VITEM-V Work Visa you must first have a firm offer of a Work Contract with a Brazilian company confirmed in writing.

William James Woodward, EB Experts Team

Hello everyone..............
I am looking for a job forward in Rio de janeiro,Brazil .As an Hotel Attendance or English Teacher ,I am too prefect in this is there any chance for me as I am too crazy about it and would love to have any job of these too.

    Thank you

Well, if you're looking for work that will allow you to obtain a VITEM-V Work Visa you can forget being an English teacher. Schools won't help with the visa process at all and they will pay you very poorly. They for the most part want somebody who already has their VITEM-V and some even take on teacher under a "Contrato Particular de Prestação de Serviço" who are working illegally, when the teacher gets caught working without the proper visa the school plays dumb and claims they didn't know. The teacher that the school has been taking advantage of all along gets deported and the school gets off scot free!

I am located in the US representing a small business, and seeking a contract worker for a quarterly job in Rio. The requirements are the ability to communicate in English and Portuguese, access to the internet, ability to use Microsoft Excel, and have transportation.  The job pays $150 - $200 US dollars upon completion and submittal of the quarterly spreadsheet.

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Thank your for your response and suggestion.

Hi again Rebeka,

One thing I might point out, if you are successful at finding someone; paying them might be an issue.

Banking here in Brazil is the most bureaucratic thing you could possibly imagine. Banks here do not accept foreign checks so that form of payment is out of the question. Transferring funds here is extremely difficult, from the point of view of the receiver, and there is a tax on all financial transactions apart from the exchange rate and currency exchange fees.

I would suggest that if you do find someone you get their ID number as well as their name (RG - Registro Geral) and also their CPF number (like a Social Security no.) since you'll need to provide that information along with the name. Try Western Union for the transfer, since there are more locations here where your potential employee would be able to access the funds transferred. You may also want to consider including a small amount extra to compensate for the taxes and fees.


HOla dear i need job
please give me a one chance dear i have diplomas pakistani and now i live brazil rolandia study at kenddey collage reply me

Hello I am from parana dois vizinhos here for searching a job in rio de janeiro...I can speak english.and I have 2 year experience in KFC.

Good luck with that! First of all you're going to find that the ability to speak Portuguese is absolutely essential in the workplace here in Brazil. English is NOT widely spoken here.

Second of all, unskilled jobs always go to Brazilians. The law requires all employers to prove that they've exhausted all efforts to fill any job vacancy with a Brazilian citizen before they would be permitted to hire an expat to fill the vacancy.

James     Expat-blog Experts Team

Hello Chris in answer to your question I'm an American and I have certificate I use it from time to time As I am retired I  don't need  The extra income I can tell  that without it and proper working papers. You will not make an income sufficient to live off of so if I was you I would take the time to get certified and try to save some  money before you come up here to try and find A teaching job I hope this helps  you !!

I can speak turkish and english very welll and i have 2 passport turkish and british passoport
So how can i find a job in brazil.what do you suggest me.i can afford to leave there for while with my own savings and than easy to get job or do a businesss

There "3" things that will hinder you from getting work in Rio and Brazil.
(1) Brazilians tend to only hire "Brazilians"
(2) There really is hardly any work in Brazil due to a recession
(3) Brazilians really only speck "Portuguese's"

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