how to get a job in Hyderabad India thru online.. please help!

Hello guys! I just joined this because i have Indian boyfriend we are planning to get married.  I will be the one to move in. I am currently looking for some information on how to get a job in Hyderabad India thru online. How easy or how hard it is for Filipinos like us. I hope you can help me with some helpful insights on how to reach there like you. Please. Thank you!

Hi Taramirielle,

I would suggest you to drop an advert in the Jobs in Hyderabad section of the website along with your resume and read the Finding work in Hyderabad article, some useful links can be found at the bottom of the article.

All the best,

Hello Taramirielle,
Mabuhay! Firstly, let me assure u it is not a problem for u to find work here as long as u have valid documents allowing u to work. Also if u r someone that has any BPO or IT experience then its that much more easier. Even if u sign up online at a job portal, employers here wont be able to contact u on ur filipino number.
Better to search jobs once u r here.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m married and settled here in Hyderabad with my husband and my son. Hope to meet you one day.

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