Malaysia Driving License

Anyone ever apply for malaysia driving license? do you know how much it cost?

you may have to go through any driving school. It may cost you less than  RM3000

It all depends if you have a DL from your home country and what country you're from. If you're from UK for example you can convert your license to a Malaysian DL. If you're from the US then the process is more complex (and sometimes difficult). You have to check at JPJ website regarding your country. If you don't have a DL from your home then you will have to take driver's school.

I only ever used my British DL but kept an International DL issued by the AA with me. I never got stopped once so don't know whether it was legal or not.

Driving in Indonesia is not the same as driving in Malaysia because it seems that most Indonesians do not know how to drive properly. I mean everyday and everywhere Indonesians believe they have right of way when coming out from a small lane onto a major road. They pull out irrespective of fast flowing traffic going past them. And they believe that traffic on a roundabout should stop to let them come onto the roundabout. And so on. So my advice is to take lessons and apply for a Malaysian license. Also, please note that even though you can "pay" to have a license in Indonesia, in Malaysia you cannot get away with that.

I note that Indonesian International DL's are not recognized in Japan, so not sure if that also applies in Malaysia, but it should do.

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