Hi all,
I applied s pass 1 mnth ago.. after 7 days I got that as rejected.i asked my employer about the rejection reason. He did not reveal the reason to me. Suddenly before 3 days he told He reapplied again .if I checked in that site ,the previous result was displayed again and again and no changes happened. He told it will be like this only . Am having 3 questions .
1.will the previous applied status is displayed and be as like this even after second apply also ? it possible for me to apply visit pass while the spass is in pending situation and will I get spass confirmation while I l b thr in singapore as a visiter
3.and finally even if the second time applied spass is also rejected by some reason means, after how many days ,the employer can able to apply pass for me again?is thr any duration criteria.
Help me frnds..

If you read old threads in this section then you should not ask these questions.

One Employer can’t apply second time for your S pass, only they appeal. So, that means your employer has appealed against your S pass rejection. Status only changes if your appeal has been accepted and your S pass got approval. Otherwise there is no changes in MoM website.

Very much yes, you can apply social visit visa and can stay here 30 days, you can extend further to another 30 days or 60 days if you give valid reason of your extension. During that period, if your appeal accepted, you will receive IPA letter, or else you have to return India.

For your third question, you can read my response to your first question that it’s not reapplied, rather your employer appealed. So, there is no question of reapplied (third time can’t appeal, MoM is not going to entertain the employer, unless you provide additional documents). One suggestion before appeal, you should check if any document was missing or incorrect information was provided earlier then you can clarify with MoM in your appeal. If employer just appeal without any changes to earlier submission then chances are high that your appeal will be rejected again. Good luck

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