Living in Dong Hoi and surrounding areas

Hey all...we are moving over to Vietnam June 2018 and are looking at all options re what work we may do and where we may live etc.
We're not party people but far from dead either, we just prfer to go exploring as opposed to getting pissed all the time.
Is there anyone here that lives or has recently lived in Dong Hoi? GJust looking for others feedback of their experiences etc,
Thanking you!

Đồng Hới (Dong Hoi Province) nothing to do for foreigners if they want to earn money (I mean high income) For other reason is ok. There are cheaply living cost and friendly peoples.
Above is my experience for Dong Hoi. Hope it help

Thank you for that, was sort of what I was thinking. It does look like a great area to do a lot of motorcycling too, but I might be wrong there.

-- just a suggestion ...

Vinh city, farther north, could be another choice for you.
I spent a month in Vinh city in 2015... just travelling in and around Nghe An province ... and I liked it.
They have some English schools and one/two Intl. schools in Vinh and a small expat community. It's a planned city, well connected to Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ninh Binh etc. by bus (long distance ones).
It has an airport as well.
Vinh has a lovely beach (Cau Lo) and most importantly, less traffic and minimal pollution.

Life in Vinh city  - this guy's lived in Vinh for 3 years.
Nghe An province has beautiful landscapes, especially on the Laos-Vietnam border side.

Welcome to Vietnam!  :cheers:

Dong Hoi is a very peaceful city of central Vietnam. If in the city center you are right near the beach.
Also here you can visit Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Many beautiful caves. As Thien Duong, Phong Nha, Dark Cave, Son Dong ...

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Oh yes, Phong Nha is our happy place, but we haven't gone into Dong Hoi as yet.

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