Fluoridated Water In Arusha

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I believe the water in Arusha is fluoridated (judging by the colour of the locals' teeth) and was wondering if anyone knows - if I boil the water beforehand, will I have issues with this? I, of course, will not be drinking straight from the tap, but in order to cut down on cost - was wondering if it would be good enough just to boil the water before drinking. Does anyone highly object to this?

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I have lived in Arusha for more than thirteen years am not sure if boiling the water will make it better but the water affects much on kids than grown ups

you cannot get rid of metal Lid by boiling water. There are many Doorstep Water Suppliers in Arusha.

I use Shafi. 90K TSH for 20 Cans (20Ltrs of each).

This is what when you drink fluoridated water.


I wouldn't advise just boiling water, better to consume bottled water in large volume

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