Barton St E to Burlington St E, Hamilton, Ontario

After almost 20 years outside of Canada, I am planning on moving back.
Toronto is the place where my family and friends reside.
For me it is unaffordable or at least unreasonably priced.
I do not want to live in remote or even suburban areas, so I am looking at central Hamilton.
In particular, the area north of Main St E all the way north to Burlington St E.
I’ve read all the forum threads and watched all YouTube videos that had anything to do with the area.
Some are informative but many of them are several years old.
Many suggest that the area is quickly and drastically changing.
I’ve also seen (on paper) some condo development projects that will gradually revamp the industrial area north of Burlington St E.
How bad is the area currently and what to expect in the near future?
Some say it is not too bad.
Some say it is safe.
While some say it is scare and horrible.
I hear that artists and young families are moving there from Toronto.
On the other hand, people talk about crack (really? It still exists?), hookers and tramps in the area?
I remember Parkdale in Toronto in the early 90’s. It was kinda nasty. Is Barton village similar?
Or is it closer to the blue collar neighborhoods east of downtown Toronto off Queen St E?
Would I be constantly worried about my house or car being broken into or is it not that bad?

The idea is to buy one of those old brick houses, renovate it and semi-retire there.
Proximity to the lake also makes this area attractive, provided that the industry eventually moves elsewhere.
I am planning on visiting Barton Village and staying at some Airbnb locations in the area.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

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