Buying a lot in SMA

Hi. Has anyone purchased a lot in SMA with plans to build? Wondering how difficult it is. We plan to buy a lot in Balcones and then build on it in 3 years when we retire. Any thoughts/advice?

In October 2017, my wife and I bought a vacant lot on which to build a house in a gated community just on the outskirts of Centro.  We had a very positive experience from start to finish.  It is important that you find a realtor whom you feel you can trust and who  will actively pursue your wish list in terms of location. Some realtors will absolutely not work on Sundays.

Buying property and building a house in Mexico in an entirely different process than in the U.S. Our realtor, Fabian Ramirez with Caldwell Banker in SMA, was very attentive with us.  He "held our hands" throughout the entire process, including hooking us up with a design/builder.  We start construction on December 1st, 2017.  We could not have had such a smooth transition without an excellent realtor.

Before you buy, and perhaps with the assistance of your realtor, do your research regarding which areas to avoid.  We initially wanted to be right in Centro, but as we spent time there, we knew that it would be too noisy and busy with the traffic, particularly on week ends.

Be clear with your price point and square footage requirements for lot and house.  You can get frustrated very quickly, and so will your realtor, if you are frequently changing your parameters.

Good luck

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