Pensioner Returning to UK - Advice needed

Hi everyone

My father married a Filipino about 8 years ago and moved to the Philipines.  His health is now in decline (heart issues/diabetes) and he wants to return to the UK for treatment and spend his last days back in the UK. He and his wife are finding it difficult to navigate the waters of returning mainly due to financial limiting circumstances, can anyone give me any advice that could be helpful or point me in the direction of any brilliant immigration lawyers that could help?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the Forum and I'm sorry to hear about your father's predicament.

You haven't said how old he is, but AgeUK issue a document regarding returning to the UK; this link will take you to it.

With regards to immigration, your father's wife will need to apply for a family visa; this link will take you to the UK Government website that deals with this.  However, I suspect from your comment regarding "financial limiting circumstances", they have already hit the hurdle of the required minimum income and if they don't qualify now, they are likely to never qualify; so you need to find someone who is going to get the Home Secretary make some kind of derogation.

You're going to be dealing with civil servants who will be working on a computer screen, with no ability to do anything except what the screen tells them.  My advice would be to go and speak to your MP at his/her next surgery and try and get their support; Brexit has made immigration a touchy subject and you may well gain from their political sensitivity (i.e. want to be re-elected).

Not sure I've helped you very much, but I wish you the best of luck.

Expat Team

Thank you for taking the time to reply Cynic, it's much appreciated.  We will look at the links and also about talking to the local MP, although I think time is of the essence.  My father is 73 with no income other than a small pension . . .

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