Plague in Madagascar - is everyone on ''high alert''?

Reading UK paper online today  - Daily Mail - says the plague in Madagascar is increasing and the whole of eastern area of Africa from South Africa to Ethiopia is on ''high alert'' about the spread as well as Reunion and Mauritius. Apparently people dig up their dead relatives in Madagascar to dance with them and it is feared that may spread the disease! Is travel to and from Madagascar being banned?


Would be a  better idea to check the WHO site than reading the daily Mail or the Sun: … e-2017/en/

since there are 2 types of plague :bubonic plague (transmitted through infested fleas ) and pneumonic plague (transmitted from one person to another).

Plague is NOT new on Madagascar _ they have cases every year  and  as far as the ritual is concerned , it is a custom for some on the island:

Famidihana, or 'the turning of the bones', is a sacred ritual practiced by some ethnic groups in Madagascar.


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