Moving to Mauritius from South Africa

Hi everyone, my name is Rencia. I'm married with two daughters. We want to relocate to Mauritius in maybe a year's time. Any advice on where to start so long? I'm a stay at home mom and my daughters are homeschooled. My husband is a production worker, would he find employment in this field on the island? Any hints and tips will be appreciated.

Hi Rencia,
1 start by reading the expat guide in the Handy Tools section of the navigational menu.
2 Make a 5 year plan
3 where there is a will, there is a way. There is always a solution.

Dream on. Many SA like you are living the dream everyday. If they can do it, why cant you?

Thank you for your positive and kind words.

Hi Rencia!

I was just talking to a South African couple yesterday, and what Gawesh is saying is so true.
More and more foreigners, especially SAs are moving to Mauritius, either to invest or even to retire. Welcome to our island! 😀

Thank you Peaupol, hopefully we will be able to move there in the not to distant future.

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