Daimoku and gongyo

I have recently moved to Saigon and am trying to find out if there are  places where monthly meetings of socks gakkai are carried out apart from daimoku and gongyo

Are there  any place where I can find the brahmakumaris

Hi Rupa Bose,
Welcome on board :)
Could you please explain what these terms ... "socks gakkai" , "daimoku and gongyo" and "brahmakumaris" .... mean?
Other members on this forum can then try to give you some leads.
Thank you.

I think she means Brahma Kumaris? Did she miss the gap, 2 words not one?

Yeah, I think it's a form of Hindu meditation practice.
Let's wait for her to give us more details about what exactly she's looking for.

@ Rupa Bose,
If it's a form of Hindu meditation, I think you should visit Mariamman_Hindu_Temple,_Ho_Chi_Minh_City and talk to the head priest there.
The temple is close to Ben Thanh Market.
Address: 45 Trương Định, Bến Thành, 1, Hồ Chí Minh

Please let us know if we are getting it right.

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