Looking for a translator / guide for business purposes

Hi everyone,

I will be in Tunis next week (7-12 Nov) looking for business opportunities in the region.
I need to find a repair shop / machinery service company to cooperate for after sales support. I guess i will be having hard times communicating , i dont expect them to speak english.

I would like to have someone with me helping me for translation from arabic/french to english or turkish while im looking for companies in commercial districts. Probably for one or two days.
I prefer to be guided by an experienced person , someone showing me where to go to find what im looking for. Will be driving mostly.



Hi, hope you are fine
I m an English teacher with some basic Turkish.
You can contact me through my email

Sorry to respond so late.
I am a licensed specialized consultant in this exact field, with recorded satisfaction of foreign clients.
If it is not too late yet, then I am happy to help you
Kind Regards

Her's a link to my CV:

Hi I'm available.


You have posted on an old thread so the OP would have been and gone by now.

Im saber from Tunisia
Can you contact me whatsap plz

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