Hola amigos!

Hi everybody!

We are a Dutch/Venezuelan couple currently living on Curacao, but want to move to Spain. Life on a Caribbean island is fun and chill, but has not much more to offer then sun and beaches, We both love Spain. My parents live in Peniscola and we would like to go there too and then explore more of the country. Our only concerns are the work permit for my Girlfriend (Geraldine) as she is Venezuelan, but maybe we can find out some more information here!

Hope to get in touch with some open minded and nice people.


Have you considered going to your nearest Spanish Embassy ?.

Hi there I'm Venezuelan my husband  is  from  England, I just got my residency and in just 2 years I can become Spanish.
Because  my husband  is from the UE he can get me the residency just by proving he has enough  money  to support  me here you must have at least  17.000 euros in your bank  account
And your marriage  certificate validated within  the  last  3 months this are the most important documents

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