I love you man!

I agree with some posts here,  It is hard to find new friends as you grow older other than your highschool friends or coworkers.
And it is kinda awkward to ask guys out : )

I mean my friends are just running errands for their families, slaving and just waiting for the next order! I have no problems finding girls thank god, but guys!

That movie with Paul Rudd "l love you man!"
I'm sure some guys can relate with some of the characters.I think we all are too proud and homophobic to ask each other out without sounding gay!

Does the same goes for girls?

And guys feel free to ask for a guy date... Still sounds weird.

lmao......"ask for a guy date" sure sounds weird! We girls dont have that problem at all.

You can't speak for all girls!
I was quoting the movie...what is lmao?!

lol......Google is you friend!

Google Is your* friend

Do you have any friends?

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