Just back from 9 weeks in condo (Stanza Mare) in Bavaro/PC. My wife and I really liked living on the beach and being able to walk to a number of restaurants and small stores. Was also easy to get to Jumbo or other supermarkets as needed. People were extremely friendly.

We are in our 50s and nightclubs and the 20 something nightlife are not our thing anymore but we do like to go out for happy hour and be able to grab some good food.

We're looking at which area we should try next (as we're hoping to move to the DR fulltime but need to explore more of the island). Based upon what I stated above can anyone give us some recommendations as to which of the two areas we should try next? Would be renting a condo for a month or two. Heard good things about each but hearing a lot about Sosua being more for the younger crowd or those looking for working girls. Thanks for any insight you can provide.


Yes, Sosua has more girls, but I don't mind viewing eye candy. They are not allowed to pester you, & anyway they are more numerous in the clubs & bars at night. There are many bars & restaurants whose clients are expats in the 50 & up age all hours of the day. I moved here in March of 2002 from St Croix U.S.V.I.  I highly recommend the Caberate / Sosua area for your next exploration.  Welcome to our piece of the North shore.

Thanks so much. We're trying to spend a bit of time in the different parts of DR before a permanent move and trying to see what the best "north coast" fit would be for us.

Thanks again Tinker

Sosua and or Cabarete are very different then samana.

There are 2 groups on the north coast - young sports clubbing girl oriented  AND the over 50 ish laid back daytime earlier evening crowd.  They often cross paths with no issues.

Sosua has more of a prostitute issue which sometimes is more under control.  But it has the stunning sosua bay and lots of restautants and stores.

Cabarete is literally oceanfront. Its a sports and people watcher haven with lotsnof.clubs and restaurants.

Living near either puts you close to both.

Samana us very different, far more laid back, less


Less restaurants etc all in one area, more spread out.

Its truly beautiful there too.  The expats tend to be more european and some french canadians.

Hm interesting that you heard Sosua was a younger crowd. I always feel like it's an older crowd. Older men, younger working women. But still a lot of couples, too, but all the ones I know are older.

Cabarete is mixed. There are parties and sports and relaxing. Old and young. Often all three of those qualities cross paths...or don't have to. 

Anyways, both towns are so different from the south.

Planner did a nice job of summing it up.

Nice post Planner.
We live between Sosua and Cabarete (closer to Sosua) and are part of the over  50 crowd.  We love the beaches, restaurants, shops and the Expat community.  The "girls" are a non issue for most of us living here.

Bob K

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