Maternity Care

Hi All,

We are moving to Mauritius in Nov 3 rd Week,2017 and will be living in Ebene, Quatre Bornes.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and will be moving to Mauritius when I am 9 weeks.

I am looking for a good gynecologist who can guide me throughout my pregnancy and delivery.

Please suggest a good doctor.

Oh my you will get many many opinions for this and its probably best when you get here to talk to a few doctors and you will see who you are comfortable with for yourself. The Doctor who delivered my son was Dr Jeetun, she works in her own private office in Floreal and my son was delivered in Clinic Darnee. Good luck

I will recommend Wellkin Hospital in Moka. Modern and well equipped. They will give you a list of consultants to choose. All good. It's also good to know that the only paediatric surgeon on the island works there as well.


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