Want to migrate to Izmir from the UK need advice

Hi all,

For months now me and my family (wife and 4 children) are wanting to move to Turkey, the main issue we were facing was the education for kids but have decided to home school the children with a private tutor using the UK education so the kids are able to sit the GCSE at the appropriate time but will still consider they attend a public school in Turkey for integration and to learn make friends and learn the language. We originally thought of renting a place in Fethiye however come to learn that it is seasonal there so that is why we have decided to move to Izmir.

The help and advice I need is, I need to know some good decent areas where we can start to explore living arrangements, schools etc, as Izmir is a big place so don't know where to start, our needs are that we need to be in a residential area, close to shopping centres schools and to be able to integrate with locals albeit might be difficult due to language barrier but willing to put the effort in. Ideally we want to live in a rented villa for 12 months before we buy, by looking on the website I can see there are a lot of apartments in Izmir which seem expensive I guess that's due to our IP address being picked up so loads of agents making commission, we need someone to direct us to a decent area with the needs stated above and a good local agent site to view properties where locals would pay not tourist prices as we are not going for a holiday but looking to live there forever.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated forms tone and even better if someone is already living out there with kids, please help😞

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