Preschool in Bukit Damansara

Hi I've been looking around for a preschool for kids between the ages 2-6 in the Bukit Damansara area, does anyone have any recommendations?

Ideally one that follows the International Preschool Curriculum.


Just thought to share I'll be visiting this preschool open day tomorrow:

It's good to check out a few of them when they hold open days. I actually didn't know that there was an International Preschool curriculum either, but good to know.

My kids initially went to Junior Academy Montessori in Bangsar and then later to Children's House Montessori Preschool in Bangsar, and we did visit the Children's House at Damansara Heights but didn't like it because the security seemed not all that good. and the place was a bit of a mess. We also visited Julie Gabriel, which we loved, also in Bangsar, but unfortunately it was full. That would have been our first choice.

It really is worth to check carefully because a lot of the schools are not all that good and seem to be just out to make money. Then there are the ones who double as daycare centres but I would definitely stay away from those.

Thanks for the insight. I've been looking at a few places and those with open days. This write up on Kiddy123 got me curious about Children's Garden: … ?preview=1

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