Visa processing time.

Hi everyone, we have been waiting for 8 months now for a visa process from Sabic  in Jubail. What's the longest time it took you all for the visa processing? Is this the standard in KSA for the work visa? I will appreciate any experience you all had if you can share it.

Hi there @Neimamo, are you coming into KSA to work for the first time or are you coming in under a new sponsor/company? I had a discussion with someone from SABIC regarding visa last week - typical duration is 1 month if everything is OK (university degree/cert is attested and endorsed, visa request by SABIC is approved etc). For my case when I was coming into KSA for the first time (not via SABIC), it took 2 months after submission of all required documents to KSA consulate back home.

THanks for your reply, it is first time visa with Sabic and everything was going smoothly until the agency we use for the visa in DC saw a misspelling on the form that needed to be corrected by the company and that's what is taking for ever. We started the process over the summer and we're trying to understand why it takes that long to correct a simple error.
Thank you!

Hang in there @Neimamo, based on what I've seen around here it's actually better to notice the error while you're still there. If there is a way to follow-up directly with the recruiter from SABIC, it might help to speed things up. Or at least to understand the reason for the hold-up.

Thank you and we have been contacting the HR person and for some reason they are not responsive lately.

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