Let's meet this Thursday?

Hi everyone!

In other post, about socializing, we started to propose to have a meeting to discuss about this topic and others concerning life in Kuwait. We decided this Thursday evening could be a good day for that, but we still need to decide the venue and time to meet.  The plan would be having dinner and later we will see which options we have around. Just let us know your proposal. A friend mentioned The Olive Garden, in Mahboula, for example.

Who is joining?

If the place will be south of 6th ring road, count me in. Don't feel like going anywhere near the city on weekend evenings, more trouble than it is worth. :)

Depends on how many will show up...

Any where in Salmiya is nice, did you guys went to the Boulevard park.


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Hi Busnade, where is your location? If the distance is not a matter for you, we can think about somewhere near Fintas or Mahboula area (since, as far I know, three of the potential attendants are quiet far from Salmiya).

Would anyone else like to join?

I live in rodah, Set the time and place.

Ok, we are meeting today at 17:15 at The Lake mall, in Mahboul district.

See you there!!

That's Abu Hassaniya, but close enough. :)


Where exactly?

Olive garden?

A good start. Agree with the venue.

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