My son disappeared

My son who is 28 years old and very slightly autistic, was staying in Isla Mujeres and usually calls us 2 or 3 times a day.  The hotel says he hasn't been seen for over 24 hours which is not the way he does things.   He is suppose to be on a plane back home this afternoon, if that doesn't happen then we know something bad has happened. We will be on a morning flight to Cancun if thats the case.  What I am asking for is advice for a Private detective to help us navigate the police report and anything else that can help.  Yes this is a parents worse nightmare,  And advice will be greatly appreciated.  We also speak fluent Spanish.   This sucks that this is my first post, wish it could have been on better circumstances.  Thanks you Marcos

Hello There, Marcos,

I'm so sorry for the situation you've found yourself in. While I'm not an expert in situations like this, I'd suggest that you call the local police to begin with and from what I understand they won't be of much help, but they can point you in the right direction on your other questions. I'd also suggest that you ask the same question on a larger site like TripAdvisor.


Well I have egg on my face, last night I called the police in Isla and they claimed not to have him, I called twice. Now keep in mind this kid is huge, like your not gonna mistake him for anyone else. They flat out lied about having him, They say he was drinking at the beach. and arrested him for public intoxication. Not gonna get into the he said she said, but he doesn't drink. Anyways he bailed out for 80usd and is now running to the airport. Many thanks to anyone  who showed concern. I still love Mexico, this can happen anywhere

Hi, sorry to hear that and hope your son will be on the plane this afternoon.

My suggestion, contact the US embassy in Mérida, which is the closest to Isla mujeres. … -services/

They also oversee 2 consular agency in Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Buena suerte y que Dios protegen su hijo, GyC.

Well that is very good news, GyC.

Heya Marcos,

Pfff... I think cops of pretty much any country are largely the most useless parts of society. I'm glad to that you heard back from your son! :)

I have to agree, regarding police in mexico. My beef was I called and asked them if they had him, they said no.  Keep in mind he is 6.6 a gentle giant.  Hard to miss.  I even called back to do a police report, I told them that's what the American consulate recommended.  it's funny they still said he wasn't there. But something scared them.  Right after that we got his call that they let him go for 80usd.   I have a place outside of Puerto Vallarta, now he says he will never go back.. I can see the cancun police doing this. But not Isla Mujeres

Just read your story and so relieved your son is okay! I can’t imagine how terrible that was for you.


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