How to print paper about wife's information after she left the kingdom

Good day all.
I have recently sent my family back to Pakistan. My wife had an account in a bank and the ATM stopped working due to some updating process in the bank system, We couldn't go to the bank as it was a weekend when the card stopped working and she had a flight early morning on sunday.
Now I went to the bank and told them the story, they said just bring a print of her current status i.e. final exit.
On Absher website on computer, I have tried every link to see the information about her but there  is no more page showing her information. When I log in Absher by phone, it shows all the information  and the Final exit status but doesn't allow to take a screenshot.
Please somebody help me to find her information. I am in a hurry as I have to leave soon.
Thanks in advance

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