Visa Allocation

Hi. I was just hired by a company in Papua New Guinea. But until now I have not receive any request to provide any requirements to them. What they told me recently is that they have just requested a visa allocation for a Filipino. My question is, does anybody can tell how long will that take?

Thank you in advance for those who will reply.

First step is a work permit, I am still waiting on mine and it has been at least 6 weeks since submission. Then after the work permit is the visa application which normally takes 4 weeks (but don't hold your breath !!)


My work permit application was done around 5weeks ago aswell and I am yet to receive a response. A source has told me that DLIR in PNG will close for the year end on December 2nd but immigration will be open till 20th December. Is there anyway to quicken the process and get the work permit sorted asap so that visa lodgement can be done and I can submit my medical certificate and police clearance which takes another couple of days.

Please assist. An agent has requested for money in advance which I do not approve of.

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