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Dear All

I  am searching accounting soft ware with  option in english language . I have contacted most of soft ware service provider its only in vietnamese language .

I will be thanks full if any one can guide available of such accounting soft ware with language option for vietnam .



Can you outline some of your criteria? What do you need it to do? What operating systems will you want to access it from? There is quite a bit out there, but knowing just a few things can narrow the field considerably.


We are using smart pro . this is only in vietnamese .. I am searching such accounting soft ware which  have both option for language in vietnamese as well as in english .

My intention is to make convenient to my accountant to enter data and present in english to our director .  Abt - VAT TEX - PROFIT & LOSS INVENTORY , BANK STATMENT , SUPPLIER DETAILS , STOCK Etc

Of if there any other separate business accounting soft ware wil be acceptable to me ,



I can't speak to standards here but in America the most common software package for this for small to medium sized businesses is QuickBooks from Intuit. I personally hate this program for various reasons but nevertheless it remains the standard in the US in that market. However, if you are not needing it manage payroll for you, there are probably other cheaper and simpler options.

You did not say but will you be using Windows or Mac operating system? Now, there are also options that could be completely web-based.

thanks lot .

Hi Dev,
Did you try FAST or MISA?
Heard they have both English and VN versions/interfaces. Many VN companies use these software.

Hi thanks let me check as u know they dont hv provision..

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