Let's connect

Hey there people! Glad to be in Amman. I'm here for a short time, possibly will be back soon. Since I don't know anyone here, I'd love to meet new friend and get to know Amman, shate interests and have fun! I'm available most of the time after 5 pm. Please feel free to contact me.

Cheers :)

Amman'a hoşgeldiniz kardeşim :)
Hangi tarafta oturuyorsunuz?

Hosbulduk :) Tam olarak bilmiyorum ama merkeze yakinim.

Yo dudes  :D

I'm glad you find each other but out of consideration of our members, could you stick to the English language on this anglophone forum?
Others will be able to follow the thread and participate as well.

Thanks in advance  ;)

Hey mate! I thought about the same thing, you're totally right, sorry ;)

Yes It is my fault, apologies.. I was just excited.

Welcome again Alpr and see you around brother.

No worries  :thanks:

Yeah, I know the feeling when you are so  exiting that you forget you are on a forum.

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