Moving to Spain with 4 Children

Hi Guys,

My name is Jeani, I currently live in Somerset in Uk. My husband and I are both self employed online entrepreneurs and we have 4 children under the age of 9.
We have looked at the international schools and gated communities and would just like some advice about living out there. Are there other young couple with children. Are people mainly speaking English. What are the communities like?

As much as we want to move, it just feels a little daunting with the language difference and not knowing other people.

We moved from wales 4 years ago where we had a really terrible time being English and making friends and I guess we are a little nervous

Thanks for your help

Jeani x

Hi there
If you only coming to spain for a short period  of time I would  recommend to send your kids to private school so they keep with theirs  British curriculum. but if you are coming to stay permanently it will be better state schools, they are as good as private education. but it all depends of where in Spain, you would  like  to  live!
I had lived in 8 other  countries. England, was our last location and yes! It's very hard to be English.  We moved here last December we bought a house in la llosa de camacho, Alcalali, Alicante.  It's beautiful  so peaceful but a bit to old , I mean  to many old people.
But Javea and Denia, are more young people and they are big cities.
Spain well this area are very secure and gated community are only for house owners  who only come 2 weeks  a years., always looks empty and lonely.

Hope it helps

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