to settle as a indian doctor (eye surgeon)

  i am Dr Ashok practicing as an ophthalmologist (MS) specialist at a private hospital in Bhavnagar city in Gujrat state in INDIA since "may-2012".
   i want to settle there, as an Ophthalmologist.
  I have read about "more doctors" policy of BRAZIL Gvot. for Family Doctors but not for the specialist doctors and different states have different policies for the specialist Drs. registration.
please give me detailed information & link about how i can register and work as an ophthalmologist.
if any exam or test required.
                     thank you.


Welcome to Brazil. About job in brazil ( doctor) lot of vacancy in Brazil. 
Many cuba country doctors working here in Brazil. they are working government hospital.
I know Indian doctors intelligent and specialist.

First of all try to study Portuguese language. Here all hospitals medicines and materials language in Portuguese. At the same time medical books also Portuguese language. many doctors here dont speak in English. so you will learn Portuguese is must.

If you want job in Brazil better try to speak Indian embassy or consulate in Delhi-Mumbai.

Thanking you,

thank you very much.

i will contact the embassy here in INDIA.
      please,any further information regarding the doctor ( eye surgeon) recruitment, if found then informed me.


Yes, you will contact embassy of India. I think they will give information about your job and service in Brazil.

I have one question .why you choose Brazil? There all lot of European country,good salary and good facilities.

Thanking you,

---European country, as well as the USA, don't allow any outside surgeon to practice there, even to study in surgery doesn't permissible.My friends are in the USA practicing Internal Medicine or Paediatrics but not Surgery.
                                           As I have already done eye surgery in INDIA then it doesn't matter.
  ------ i don't know about the rules and regulations of Brazil health Authority so what i am trying to search about that.
                       I have done e-mail to the Brazilian embassy here, 2 days back, I hope they will reply me.

  --------  Brazil is the better choice for me what I am thinking regarding my profession, good people, culture, geography and happy life.
     --------  I hope I will find the rules of Brazilian health Authority with the help of the Embassy and friends like you so i can do my future preparation accordingly as early as possible.
                                   Thank you. :)


Nice reply. best of luck. Brazil is not rich country but compare in India little good.
I cant said India is bad, but political  very worst in India. Selfish and making money.There is public still suffering.
All country have this problem but Brazil little thing only.

For my advice you want come to Brazil. Try to live in North Brazil. (Grande de sou,Fortaleza or Santa Catarina) many people living there in Europeans. good place and chill climate.

Best of luck an have a great Day.

Thanking you,

Thank you.

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