Visa Processing while Passport is less than 6 months Valid

Question was raised to me by a friend who cant get a straight answer from LMRA. Supposedly her working visa was cancelled last Oct. 5 and since she wasnt able to acquire mobility(as per labor law it should be done 3 months before expiry of visa),her extension would end on Nov. 5. Now she found an employer but the employer couldnt process the transfer due to less than 6 months validity of her passport. The problem is, the philippine embassy here in bahrain takes 2 months to renew her passport, can anybody shed light to her predicament? She doesnt want to end up leaving bahrain as its really hard to come back from the philippines. Thanks in advance.


I am afraid she may have to exit the country since her passport validity is less than 6months, when applying for any type of visa this condition is primary and has to be fulfilled.
PS: do not overstay the visa period, this may affect the next visa issuing.

I am sure if anyone else has more info on the same, they would reply back.

good luck

She said the embassy told her that its okay to stay in bahrain just as long as the employer can wait for the passport to be back here? im also a bit confuse coz when her new employer applied online it says passport validity is less than 6 months?so how can she be working with the new employer if they cant apply for the visa??everything here is confusing :huh:

She cannot, she has to tell her embassy very clearly that they cannot apply for a visa if the passport validity is less than 6 months, again if her company has a work around then fine, else i doubt she can stay.


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