Health Insurance Certificate Filing Deadline

Latest information from Dana Cameron, Visa Guru,  in Guayaquil

"Many folks have been concerned about the approaching deadline to file health insurance certificates with the visa office. I just spoke with Javier Pasaguay in the Guayaquil office. Some of you may be familiar with him as he used to be a Vice Counsul for the Ecuadorian Consulate in Washington. He says they do not yet have a firm date but are leaning toward November 10.

I asked about penalties for not registering by the date. He says they have not had any discussion about cancelIing visas for those who have not complied. Instead he said, they would be more likely to impose a fine. He was not able to give me a dollar amount as that has not yet been determined.

I can also register those that are emailed to me from any city. My fee is $30. You need to bring one copy of your visa page from your passport and two copies of your insurance certificate."

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Susan_in_Ecuador :

I can also register those that are emailed to me from any city. My fee is $30. You need to bring one copy of your visa page from your passport and two copies of your insurance certificate."

Now, by saying to email the health certificate and "bring" other documents, do you mean to email everything?


The insurance "certificate" -- is that a document issued by the insurer?

In the case of IESS coverage, how is the certificate obtained?


Three things:

1. Someone posted basically the same information as the OP several days ago. So that’s two sources with the same information so this deadline of November 10 is probably real even if tentative.

2. An Expat that went to the Azogues office was informed that they are not accepting third party submission of documents and must be done personally.

3. As for the “health certificate”, I just looked at my insurance packet which was delivered a few months ago, and no such certificate was included in the contents. So I assume that we have to go to the insurance office and request one.

I can speak to that:

On number is a deadline but for what we are not quite sure.  It appears to be the filing of a certificate of insurance, however, ot may end up being a deadline for having insurance as there seems to be a bit of a back up on getting items into the proverbial "computer" and of course we are talking migracion here.

On number 2... the use of tramites (what we would call runners or firm clerks in the USA) to delover large numbers of documents  is frowned upon because it is a manner in which a third party is getting paid to do what an individual can, it makes it appear the tramites has special abilities (more about this in a moment) and of course the tramites is preenting numerous documents which is slowing down the processes (see number 1 above)

About tramites: in fact oftentimes a good tramites like a good clerk, runner or paralegal, will have friends in offices and have shortcuts.  Anyone who has tried to register a car and been asked for "cola" money to insure a faster service or to over look a ding or two has had the assistance of a tramites somewere along the way.  it is a part of the culture where the more well to do can and do have better servoce than the cholo on a limited budget.

On number request the official certificate from your insurer.  That would be your local IESS office for those with IESS or from your company for private insurance.

Hope that helps!



You would need to snail mail or ServiEntrega it to Dana.

Contact her directly through the system app for more info (like her address etc) plus any questions you have and she should clarify it for you.


I just want to say "Many thanks to Sara and Susan!"  Many of us would have been in the dark had they not alerted us to this new law.

Information deleted  to comply with request to wait for official word.


"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (MREMH) warns that in recent days have been disseminated through social networks incorrect information on visas and medical insurance, in relation to the regulation of the Organic Law of Human Mobility.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility (MREMH) will offer official information on this case only through its website

This Chancery requests not to attend or reproduce rumors through social networks" … s-medicos/

Information deleted to comply with requests to wait for official word.

That's fine.  Unfortunately this link does not provide any  relevant information.

The link refers to the fact that there is no action necessary at this time.

This is a clarification of the Human Mobility act and specifically page 81 of Decreto 111 parte Cuarta y Quinta: … to_111.pdf

Well they aren't making it easy for us are they?

Perhaps I misunderstand Jade but...who are They and what are they making difficult?

The Ministry

I mean, to warn there are rumors without dispelling them is not very helpful.  I will be anxious to learn the real story.  So far I have done everything I can to be in compliance.  I have read the law and it very vague. For my residential status to be up in the air is a bit disconcerting. Am I the only one who feels this way?

I think this whole health insurance thing has been a nightmare and quick money grab.  Don’t get me wrong, I understand and respect that I must follow the laws, but there has been so much contradicting info on this whole thing.  Not to mention, nothing happens quickly here, so to get all the qualifying documents and have to wait on the mail system has been a PIA.  I had my broker I used try to file all my info with the ministry oh health in Quito, where she is located mid October, since she had access to the info when I didn’t yet.  They told her at that time, they had no clue what was going to be required and wouldn’t accept anything.  She was very helpful, and tried to help me the best she could.  I wanted to travel, but didn’t have any info and she did forward me a confirmation letter.  Which after hearing all the horror stories, I decided to wait until I received my card and all the info.  Now flights have doubled and my passport expires soon, so I still haven’t made my trip.  Trying to decide what to do first.  Travel, renew passport, then get visa transferred to new passport, always something.  We filed everything with the ministry of health, but others said they were given a confirmation letter when they filed and we did not (other expats said they didn’t get a compliance letter either). Just had our papers stamped.  So I still have no idea if we are in “official” compliance status or not. Guess we will find out.  The cost of living here just seems to keep increasing, with no added benefit.  Cause even with my health insurance policy, I will still pay for most things out of pocket unless I have a major health crises.  No real advantage that I can see at this point, for me anyway.

Sophems :

my passport expires soon, so I still haven’t made my trip.

Sophems knows this, but it's worth repeating once in a while for other travelers.

As a rule, passports must be valid for six months past the onward-travel or return date on a plane ticket (or other travel ticket).

USA passports are valid for ten years .. and, in Ecuador, may require a visit to the Embassy in Quito.

Visit (for Ecuador) for the exciting details. :joking:


I have to go to GYE, since I live I the province of Manabi.  I am just having a hard time with the notion of giving up my passport for 30(+) days to renew it.  The alternative is expediting, which I have to be in Miami to do and it will cost me about $500, plus extra hotel nights, and Miami is going into high season.  Oh dilemmas....😊.

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