HP wide format printer repair

Hi I work in the UK fixing HP Designjet printers. I'm very very good at it, i can communicate well with people and establish a great and trusting relationships.

Designjet printers are the most common wide format printer used globally and there are thousands about. I have years of experience and a huge range of spare parts in stock in UK.

I would like to work for a few weeks every few months in Oman, with a partner fixing printers, training people to fix printers and providing support by modern methods to customers and other technicians.

Is this workable? I'd appreciate any feedback or contacts interested in helping me.

Thank you for reading this
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Hi Styloid,

If you have done your research, you would know that the market for such things as mentioned in your post is negligible in Oman.

If you are really keen on pursuing your dreams, then it would be better for you to look at a much more developed and active market like the UAE or Qatar, within the region.

HI  Sumitran,

Thank you for your post. 

I did not think there would be many - but in a way thats  good as I guess my skills will still be needed and there may not be enough work for a organisation to specialise in what I do.

I was hoping to partner with a local company and with them offer an "all you can eat" support contract.

Ink, paper and service.

I could mentor and work with a local supplier, Do telephone support from UK and once ever couple of months come out and train and do more complicated work.  They could also aquire machines for refubishment and resale.   

Enigneering firms, Achitects, Designers, Sign and graphics companies all need them as people want to print canvas and photos.

So I am sure there as printers there.

Kind regards


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