What is the maximum processing time to get the approval for s pass?how can i check online?I got a job in sembcorp marine singapore as a mechanical engineer through an employment agency in singapore.I have completed BE Mechanical and 1 year pg diploma in marine also I have 3 year experience in shipyard sector.salary 2800 S$.they applied to the mom for s pass 3 months ago.still it is under processing,they told that still status shows pending.what should i understand these things??????

Processing times of more than three months are not common, but also not unheard of.
Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do other than wait, or give up and cancel the application.

How can i check online without application number.They told me that won't give application number to the candidate.only after approval they will give fin number to get the status.is it????who will pay for the s pass application fee?how much It will be? they told me 600S $for each application.I replied them back mom mentioned there on site.employer will be the responsibility to get the pass for candidates.

The FIN number is issued (and the employer informed of it) about a week after the application is submitted. With the FIN number, you can check the application status at any time on MoM's EPOnline system.
The fees (and also associated costs for an agency that might facilitate the application) must be paid for by the employer - it is not allowed to charge the job seeker. In any case, the fee is around S$70 only.
It looks like your "employment agency" does not know what they are doing, or they are less than honest. I advice you deal with the employer directly (without agent), or you look for another one.

If i applied for s pass through employment agency,will they give fin number/application number to check my Status?

The FIN number is issued about a week after a work pass application, regardless of whether the employer submits the application (which is the usual case) ot they engaged an agent for it.
The FIN number also becomes your NRIC (a foreigner ID card) number and is used for all future work passes.

hii How we can contact direct employer..to get the job in singapore s pass or e pass


Vijpuri: You can contact potential employers in Singapore just like anywhere else - with a well-written job application sent preferably by email to HR or the hiring manager.

Visit potential employer’s career section in their website and check which job positions matches your experiences then apply.

Or else, apply the same by visiting various local job portals, here. Good luck

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