I'm going to move to the NL for a year to do a working holiday visa, and I was wondering if I can take a RNI to get my BSN, and after I get a place to stay, can I register with the gemeente? Or should I first find accomodation, and then apply at the gemeente to get my BSN?

I'm worried because I know that finding accomodation in this country is hard but I need my BSN so I can start looking for a job ASAP.

What do you guys suggest I should do?

Thank you!

The RNI is for people who are only staying in Holland for a short-time; there is no difference in the qualifying information you will need to provide for a BSN number, so there is no benefit in applying for an RNI first, in fact, you would just be delaying the issue of your BSN.

Could be true. However, there is actually a difference between them and it's the fact that you need an address to register at the gemeente, which happens to be the opposite when you get a RNI (you register your foreign address).

After reading a few other people's experiences with this dilema, I will be taking a RNI to start looking for a job and then register at the gemeente once I find a house.

Thanks your quick reply! :D

I think you are misunderstanding the system.  If you are intending to stay in Holland for less than 4-months, then you use the system you describe (RNI).  You cannot register from outside Holland, you must turn up in person at the Town Hall and register (with your passport and proof of your foreign address).

You can do exactly the same thing, talking to the same person in the same office, in the same Town Hall when you register for your BSN - and it takes the same time.  The only difference is that you must provide proof of residence in Holland, not abroad; the Dutch address you can change if needed, just like you will have to do if you register as RNI.

Quick update: I went to the gemeente in utrecht back in december, explained my situation and they gave me my bsn number with the RNI and told me I should register before the 4 months expire.

I recently went again because I can’t find a place where to register since I am moving to another city and they told me that they do not care about registration because that’s something the tax office deals with. That if it were up to them as long as you pay your taxes through your salary everything’s ok but I have to register where I live to avoid problems with the tax office. Which is completely idiotical given the fact that I am here with a “Working HOLIDAY visa”.
A change has to be made to the requirements for people using this visa since you can’t actually live the “holiday” part of it because they force you to stay in one place 🙄 as if finding a room  where registration is possible were easy....

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