So i have a question.
I heard that the municipality tax is 10% of your rent for non bahrainis which for me will be BD16
But recently my landlord has been charging me an additional BD40 + BD16 municipality + ewa
When I asked him what the BD 40 was for he said it is because you’re not Bahraini, so now I’m basically paying a total of BD56 for municipality every month. I have asked a few times what the extra BD40 was for but I never got a clear answer tbh, first they used to tell me that it was a fee for the owner then they told me it is because I’m not Bahraini.
I was just wondering if this is right or if I should go to municipality and check it out for myself? I just have a feeling that something is not right.


What does your rent agreement say? You should be paying only what is mentioned on it else ask him to give a breakdown. If you can ask around with your neighbors may be you could get more info.


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